Shaving Tips

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Steps to proper shaving technique

Utilizing proper shaving techniques will make you face look younger and feel healthier

Over 90% of the male population makes shaving the first order of business each day, yet this daily chore is neglected and done incorrectly by the vast majority of men.

Too often the result of a poor shave is discomfort in the form of cuts, razor-burn, rashes and dry-skin. We at The Master Shaver believe that the simple pleasure of wet shaving, when done correctly, will make a man look and feel better every morning.

The benefits of a good traditional wet shave are many. For starters, it gives a man the closest, most comfortable shave possible that lasts throughout the day. It also exfoliates the skin (removing dead skin cells) and allows the skin to breathe. The aftershave process restores moisture and soothes the skin.

We hope our shaving method helps you enjoy the best shave possible!

STEP 1: Prepare
Shave during or after a hot shower. For best results use Truefitt’s Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave Oil.
STEP 2: Activate
Combine water and shaving cream in your palm. Better yet, use a badger hair shaving brush.
STEP 3: Apply
Massage onto skin using a circular motion.
STEP 4: Shave
STEP5: Follow Up
Soothe with our Ultimate Comfort Aftershave Balm